Embodying Technology

a talk exploring technology in dance

How can human-machine interaction effectively form part of a choreography?

As an example of the use of accessible smart technology in dance, our latest choreography for two dancers and a robot – Solo for Two - will be at the center of a discussion about the increasing presence of technology in dance and live performances. Creative Technologist Michele Panegrossi and Human-Interaction expert Dr Leon Watts join Jean in this conversation, highlighting the creative collaborative process in the creation of the prototype robot 'Macheba'. 

Dance artists, technologists, programmers, arduino enthusiasts and the curious are invited to join the conversation to share ideas and perspectives on the complexity of integrating technology in dance and live performances, and finding new ways to nourish the audiences of the future.

Embodying Technology is an interactive conversation about robots and the future of humanity. The conversation will include observations about the increasing presence of technology elements in dance, live performances, and the arts. It will question how audiences could benefit from cross-disciplinary collaborations in dance and how such collaborations might prevent the subjugation of dance performance to technological wizardry. Beyond dance audiences, this is an opportunity for everyone to consider how far their own lives and identities have become wrapped up in the disembodied digital tools they use every day. It will bring a perspective on how interactive technologies can become inseparable from the way people think about themselves. The body is transparently important for dance but highly uncertain as a vehicle for interacting with the digital world. The conversation will benefit from the capability of the arts to project possible futures; projections that sometimes shape how science and engineering is later envisioned. Looking ahead to a near future when interactive technologies will have bodies too, shaping our identity, our views of the world, and what it is to be human.

There are two chances to join the conversation, see below. Both are free events.

Studio Wayne McGregor

Jean Abreu Dance is supported by Studio Wayne McGregor through the FreeSpace programme.

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Moving Brands

This presentation is a 'Borrow a Brain' session, organised by the global design agency to learn and get inspired.

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