Thinking (e)motion

The international dance hub ImPulsTanz in Vienna announced its summer programme of workshops & research. During the first week - from 15 to 19 July - Jean leads the workshop: Thinking (e)motion

Jean movement practice comes from his on-going interest in utilizing the body as a powerful tool to articulate arresting emotional and complex ideas through dance. Instead of passing on techniques based on his own experiences, Jean’s teaching is more focused on the thinking and decision process that accompanies the movements. His methodology encourages dances artists to search for movement impulses that are urgent and necessary and that are coming from a primal and necessary origin, moving away from pre-made movement structures, broadening the spectrum of possibilities that the body can offer.
This workshop (intermediate level) is designed to help participants to develop their ability to listen to their body’s sensorial impulses, fully focused on the continuous process of making choices, on the spot decision making, as performers, dancers and social beings.

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In London a summer date for a one-day workshop for dance artists at the Centre151 will be take place on Sunday 7 July between 1:00-5:00pm.