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Jean Abreu’s movement practice comes from his ongoing interest in utilizing the body as a powerful tool to articulate arresting emotional and complex ideas through dance.His work derives from a wide-range of dance languages, intertwining references from contemporary dance with his Brazilian dance influences, which are part of his early years in dance training (such as the grounded fluidity of Capoeira or the rhythmical richness of Samba)

However instead of merely passing on techniques, Jean’s teaching is more focused on the thinking and decision process that accompanies the movements. His methodology constantly encourages dance artists to search for movement impulses that are urgent and necessary and that are coming from a primal and instinctive origin, moving away from pre-made movement structures, broadening the spectrum of possibilities that the body can offer. His professional classes and workshops are designed to help participants to develop their ability to listen to their body's sensorial impulses in order to support their performance skills as creative movement practitioners.

Jean's work with undergraduates has produced a lasting effect with the dancers with whom he has worked,

some of whom still draw on Jean's choreographic methods as they mature into young professionals after graduation

Christopher Lewis-Smith Course Director Postgraduate Dance, Bath Spa University Fellow of The Higher Education Academy

About the workshops

As well as technique our workshops also are based in movement and choreographic experimentation with the aim to create an environment in which the body feels safe. Jean Abreu techniques will guide participants to let go of distractions and fully focus in body and in the continual process of “On spot decision making” when moving. Choreographic patterns and movement qualities are driven by clear set of roles and precise instructions previously discussed and agreed with the group. In this shared movement and choreography making, dance artists are encouraged to develop their critical and analytical thinking in a process of accumulation of movement qualities, choreographic patterns, textures and sensations. Ultimately this dynamic produces the raw material and outcome of the workshops.

"Teaching movement phrases , textures, dynamics and qualities are only a very small part of how I make dance. When I enter a space with other moving bodies I am most of the time seeking interaction and response to my initial movement propositions, I seek to inspire people to move freely and most of all , the ability to generate movement themselfs based in an emotional response and frame work. What it fascinates me is the thinking processes, the trying, the concentration, the focus and the pursue of solving a problem  with the body ,  therefor the person behind the body"

Jean Abreu 


Emotions Behind the Body workshop/performance  with Jean Abreu Dance  at South Bank Centre 

Mon 2 Mar, 6pm – 10pm
Tue 3 Mar, 6pm – 10pm
Wed 4 Mar, 6pm – 10pm
Mon 16 Mar, 6pm – 10pm
Tue 17 Mar, 6pm – 10pm
Wed 18 Mar, 6pm – 10pm
Sat 21 Mar, 4pm – 10pm

Age recommendation
For ages 18 – 25

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Embodying Technology: Dance, Technology and the Audiences of the Future 

Artistic Director/Choreographer/Performer Jean Abreu, Creative Technologist Michele Panegrossi and Computer Scientist Dr. Leon Watts will come together in this unique conversation about collaborations between dance , technology and science .Dance artists, technologists, scientists and the curious are invited to share ideas and perspectives on complex questions about dance, technology and the audiences of the future. 


New dates to be anounced 

Previous workshop experiences for professionals, Undergraduates students, Intensives and early career dance artist morning classes.

Professional class: Greenwich Dance, Trip Space Pro Class, Canada Studio

Centre of Advanced Training Commissions: Swindon Dance Exeter, The Lowry

Under Graduate Student Commissions: Bath Spa University, Studio Centre Intoto London

International teaching workshops:

Dance Dreams Intensive workshop - Greece

Beijing Dance Academy - China

Roger  William University - USA

New York University - USA

Galeria Olido - Sao Paulo Brazil

ImpulsTanz International Contemporary Dance Festival 

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The educational work may involve non-professionals and young people, students as well as  professional dancers. JAD also delivers bespoke educational offerings tailored to meet the needs of the programmer.

“The Roger Williams University Dance and Performance Studies Program had the pleasure of working with Jean Abreu.  He choreographed a superb piece for our students taking part in a semester long study program in London.  The work was such a success that we brought him to our campus in Bristol, Rhode Island, USA for a weeklong residency, which included teaching and the creation of choreography for our Dance Theatre Company.  He is an engaging and effective teacher exhibiting the ability to reach students on a wide range of technical abilities.  His choreography is beautiful and innovative. Jean Abreu is a brilliant artist and Roger Williams University Dance and Performance Studies is proud to be associated with him.”

Gary Shore 
Head of Dance and Performance Studies Programme
Roger Williams University, Rhode Island, USA