Parallel Memories

Parallel Memories is a delicate, minimalist, physically intense dance-theatre duet

Jean Abreu in collaboration with renowed Brasilian choreographer Jorge Garcia trace the trajectory of their lives following the events that have brought them together to this moment. Parallel Memories is an exciting and explosive collage of their collective memories and experiences as individuals and artists that unfolds on the stage and invites the audience to witness their captivating duet.

Starting with the monochromatic promise of an empty black box space, a roll of tape and a piece of chalk, Abreu and Garcia trace their heritage and recreate important moments that have marked their lives. Abreu’s movement with tape creates linear patterning and spatial divisions developing into a percussive marking out of time and rhythm. Garcia works with chalk swirling and curving in an ornate contrast to Abreu’s geometry mapping and imprinting their paths as the black box theatre becomes the reflection of their joint timeline.

The relationship between these two choreographers began when they met in Sao Paulo in 2009 during Jean’s research for INSIDE. They quickly discovered that they had similar life stories and were both creating dance pieces with a similar theme. Further discussion revealed that they had much more in common…

‘Fierce flurries of athletic leapings and whirlings … (a) superbly performed piece’


There are moments of real beauty in this piece that explores the lines that divide and define us


Innovative and symbolically replete, ‘Parallel memories’ is a passionate display of interpretative dance theatre

Threeweeks Magazine

Collaborating Artists:

  • Creation and Performance: Jean Abreu and Jorge Garcia
  • Lighting : Adre Boll
  • Music: Andy Cowton
  • Production Management : Dominic Martin
  • Producer, São Paulo - BRAZIL: Cria da Casa Cultural Management (Cybelle Young and Priscila Wille)
  • Producer, London - UK: Donna Meierdiercks for Jean Abreu Dance

Further Enquiries:

  • Producer, Natalie Richardson:
  • General Enquires:

Parallel Memories was supported by Sala Crisantempo (Gisela Moreau), South Hill Park, Siobhan Davies Studios,
Swindon Dance



Video Link : Parallel Memories - Sao Paulo 2011

Publicity Images : Parallel Memories pics

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