Urge (2004)

Jean Abreu’s Urge is a duet for two men, exploring the nature of instinctive, visceral compulsions and how they define us. Drawing on his experience in contemporary, Latin American and martial art forms, Abreu’s dancing marries sensuality with feline grace and razor-sharp agility.

This duet explores the nature of our urges and how they define us. In contrast with the rational mind, urges draw us to our visceral needs and instinctual desires. Nature dictates this form of compulsion, making us question, who or what is really in charge. Our vulnerabilities become exposed as our urges fight for control within us. 

'The boy from Brazil certainly gives some good kicks'

The Observer 2003

Urge was originally comissioned for the inaugural Place Prize in 2004 with support by Bloomberg

Collaborating Artists:

  • Concept and Choroegraphy: Jean Abreu
  • Performance : Jean Abreu & Andrej Petrovic
  • Music : Neil Kaczor
  • Lighting: Sarah Gilmartin
  • Costumes : Tony Wood