ArtEz Academy of Theatre and Dance

Experience Jean Abreu's work, In the attempt of something - a work created with artists from the Bachelor of Dance programme at ArtEz.

Jean Abreu joins choreographers Emio Greco and Robin Nimanong in creating a new dance work, In the attempt of Something for the final year students in Bachelor in Dance at ArtEz in Arnhem, Holland

Imagine a world in which we can understand differences without separation.

In the attempt of something has evolved from a desire to reconcile and understand a space where nothing makes sense.

This work is for whoever you are.

In the attempt of something by Jean Abreu together with the dance artists of ArtEz
Assistants: Reut Aviran & Rachel Rijsdijk
Music credits: Original sound score devised & edited by Ross Flight
Costumes designer/ maker: Jivika Biervliet
Lighting designer/maker: Jean Abreu
Cast of dancers DM2:
Lena Niessen, Elin Hallqvist, Merel Mekenkamp, Sander Los, Min Jung Kang, Sofia Norman, Rodrigo Loureiro, Chiara Sorrentino

Length: 17 minutes

Thank you to all the team at ArtEz for supporting this project and to Stela do Patrocínio for the inspirational words.


10 June, 20:00 | Livestream

11 June, 14:00 | ArtEZ, Arnhem

11 June 20:00 | ArtEZ, Arnhem

16 June 20:00 | LUX, Nijmegen

18 June 20:15 | Stadstheater, Arnhem

25 June 19:00 | Korzo, Den Haag

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Photo by Reut Aviran

Photo by Reut Aviran