Join choreographers Jean Abreu and Naishi Wang during our Deciphers research this July.

Supported by funding from Arts Council England, Dance 4 and Eastbourne Council, join choreographers Jean Abreu and Naishi Wang during our next phase of development for Deciphers.

Events as part of the research and development include:

Open Contemporary Class with Jean Abreu & Naishi Wang

Dates: Monday 4 July and Monday 11 July

Time: 7.00pm-8.30pm

This class will be led by Jean Abreu and Naishi Wang who will be in residence at iC4C during this week. As contemporary dance choreographers, they will bring together their movement languages and inspiration from their new collaboration, Deciphers.

The class will focus on using the body as a tool to articulate human emotions, memories and experiences. As well as technique, each class will focus on the thinking and decision-making process that accompanies movement. Their methodology uses improvisation, games and choreographic tasks to encourage participants to search for movement impulses that are urgent and necessary, for a body that is present.

Suitability: This is an open and accessible class suitable for all dance practitioners/ artists working in all areas of dance and the arts. Some experience of practical dance training required.

Ticket Price: £6

Location: ic4c,2 Dakeyne Street Nottingham NG3 2AR


SNEAK PEEK at Dance4

Following a two week residency at iC4C, Jean Abreu and Naishi Wang will be sharing a work in progress performance of their new international collaboration, Deciphers (working title).

Deciphers brings together choreographers Jean Abreu and Naishi Wang in a new international collaboration exploring UK/Canada and Brazil/China cultural references related to poetry and vocal traditions of folk music. This cultural exchange will create a powerful physical journey and performance that demonstrates how the body can be used as an extraordinary tool of linguistic expression.

This event will feature a short dance excerpt, followed by a Q&A with the choreographers.

Suitable for all.

Date: Thursday 14 July

Time: 5:30 pm - 7:00 pm

Ticket Price: FREE

Location: ic4c,2 Dakeyne Street Nottingham NG3 2AR