PuShWalks Jean Abreu + Naishi Wang

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New podcast by choreographers Jean Abreu and Naishi Wang as part of PuSh International Performing Arts Festival

Night Walk of Abstraction

Jean Abreu and Naishi Wang are the dance artists behind Deciphers, currently being created as part of the PuSh In Development program supported by CDm2 Lightworks.

Here, they invite you to join them in the “nowhere space” of the digital world, as they walk through their own nighttime spaces (one in London, the other in Toronto) while sharing the third, and most crucial, location with the listener. Set against a backdrop of piano, synth chords, and experimental vocals, this a haunting and moody excursion.

Available on Spotify, Apple, or wherever you get your podcasts.

About Deciphers a PuSh in Development Project

Choreographers Naishi Wang and Jean Abreu come together in a new international collaboration exploring UK/Canada and Brazil/China cultural references related to poetry and vocal traditions of folk music.

This cultural exchange will create a powerful physical journey and performance that demonstrates how the body can be used as an extraordinary tool of linguistic expression. This duet will investigate cultural links, post-colonial histories, the embodiment of the migrant experience, and the transforming nature of human identity.

CREDITS Deciphers is a co-production of the National Arts Centre (NAC) Visiting Dance Artist programme a joint initiative of Canada Council for the Arts and NAC, The CanDance Network small scale Creation Fund supported and presented by Montreal Arts Interculturels, The Harbourfront Centre, the National Arts Centre and PuSh International Performing Arts Festival.

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