As They Are

Latest work in collaboration with dramaturg Guy Cools

R&D 2 Photo + Video by Maya Yoncali

As They Are: Mantras for the Body, is a creation by Jean Abreu in collaboration with renowned Belgium dance dramaturg Guy Cools and three outstanding female dance artists. Meditative and serene yet intensely driven As They Are transforms moments of fragility into states of sheer dominance.

Drawing from physical portrayals of grief from ancient traditions to modern times, As They Are is a work full of spirit, in which vulnerability re-emerges as strength. Combining innovative L.E.D technology inspired by the visual artist Tatsuo Miyajima, exhilarating choreography and sounds inspired by polyphonic laments from around the world, to reveal the relentless poetic power of the human body.

R&D 2 Photo by Maya Yoncali

R&D 1 Photo by Noel Shelley video by Julian Cole

R&D 2 Photo by Maya Yoncali

R&D 2 Photo by Maya Yoncali

“As They Are was a powerful, reverent world of women who were wholeheartedly invested which was quite surreal at times. Fantastic cast.”

Independent dance artist, activist and writer Valerie Ebuwa

“Abreu seems to take movement on a molecular level and expand it outwards. His dancers move through space with an exploratory focus upon the minute details of their bodies that expresses a sense of care and sensuality, all the while holding a soft awareness of each other.”

Dance Writer, Rachel Elderkin

Saturday, 30 November 2019


Work in Progress Sharing as part of Absence Presence Absence The October Gallery 24 Old Gloucester Street, Bloomsbury, London WC1N 3AL

Photo by Ambra Vernuccio

Artistic Director and Choreographer Jean Abreu

Dramaturg Guy Cools

Voice Coach Cathryn Robson

Performers Camilla Brogaard, Margarida Macieira, Rafaela Sayhoun

Technical Manager Ross Flight

Technical Manager Michele Pangrossi

Associate Producer Michael Peter Johnson

As They Are is supported by Arts Council England and October Gallery, The Hat Factory, Impulstanz International Festival and through the freespace programme at Wayne McGregor. Created at Centre 151.