Fijis is a trio taking its audience on an intense journey to an imaginary place.

Placing the subjects of gender, intimacy and desire under his choreographic microscope, Abreu explores his material with an emphasis on movement and raw physicality performed with the triangular relationship of three dancers. Drawing inspiration from the unique cultures and rituals of the Polynesian Islands he begins to give real highlights of his fluid and grounded movement vocabulary in this early career work.

Like the conflicting dynamic between the imaginary and the physical world Abreu devised a choreography that pushes the dancers to explore what it is to express a feeling of totally letting it go while being totally in control - a creative conflict often present in his evolving dance practice.

Fijis was a Jerwood Foundation commission premiering at The Purcell Room of the Queen Elizabeth Hall for Dance Umbrella 2005. It includes a specially commissioned score from composer John Metcalfe with lighting by David Holmes and costumes by Tony Wood.

Images by Jean Abreu Dance

"Fijis’ is a celebration of dance and movement, a tribute to the communicative powers of bodies moving in time and space. Abreu subtly explores aspects of urban modern life... these dancing bodies evoke a powerful corporeal connection between me and the dance, almost making my limbs twitch and shudder. ‘Fijis’ awakens a sensation to move."

“The costumes by Tony Woods and the original sound score by John Metcalf fit the piece perfectly.”

Katie Nabbs, London Dance

Saturday, 11 February 2006

Carriageworks, Leeds as part of British Dance Edition

Thursday, 20 October 2005

Purcell Room, Southbank Centre as part of Dance Umbrella Festival

Choreographer Jean Abreu

Performers Jean Abreu, Anrdij Petrovic, Eleanor Valere

Composer John Metcalfe

Costume Designer Tony Wood

Lighting Designer David Holmes

Fijis was supported by the Jerwood Foundation and Dance Umbrella Festival.