Furthest Point

New creation for Pera International School of Performing Arts, Cyprus

Jean Abreu returns to Northern Cyprus to continue his creative collaboration with the gifted young dance artist from the BA2 + Pera Shorts

I want to share this emptiness with you. Not fill the silence with false notes or put tracks through the void. I want to share this wilderness of failure. The others have built you a highway- fast lanes in both directions. I offer you a journey without direction, uncertainty and no sweet conclusion. When the light faded, I went in search of myself. There were many paths and many destinations” (Derek Jarman, 1990)

Fifteen bodies spill into space, negotiating and seeking solutions.

From nowhere to nowhere, how can they move forward with no directions?

What is left to hold on to?

Concept & Choreography Jean Abreu

Composer Oleh Shpudeiko ( Heinali )

Light Sculpturist Toya Akpinar

Choreography Assistant / Rehearsal Director Francisca Alves & Jassi Murad

Devised & Performed by
Alicja Cieryt,Anastasia Zhidkova,Iga Szczepanska,Iolanda Cristina S. Nobrega,Iris Franco,Margarida Ferreirinha, Iva Matosevic,Julia Egorova,Mikolaj Bielnicki-Job,Chloe Chardevel, Shahar Argash,Ada Freund, Gaia Garatti,Chiara Capizzi,Special Thanks to, Aman Gupta, Evgeniya Glazunova