In the attempt of something

Commission for ArtEz, Finals 2022, Bachelor Dance programme

Images by Reut Aviran

"I was very touched by the energy, visuals, and their performativity. It has made an imprint in my subconscious that will remain there a long time!!!"

Audience member

Imagine a world in which we can understand differences without separation.

In the attempt of something has evolved from a desire to reconcile and understand a space where nothing makes sense.

This work is for whoever you are.

Thank you to all the team at ArtEz for supporting this project and to Stela do Patrocínio for the inspirational words.


10 June, 20:00 | Livestream

11 June, 14:00 | ArtEZ, Arnhem

11 June 20:00 | ArtEZ, Arnhem

16 June 20:00 | LUX, Nijmegen

18 June 20:15 | Stadstheater, Arnhem

25 June 19:00 | Korzo, Den Haag

Created and devised by Jean Abreu and the dance artists

Sound design Ross Flight

Costumes designer Jivika Biervliet

Lighting designer Jean Abreu

Dance artists Lena Niessen, Elin Hallqvist, Merel Mekenkamp, Sander Los, Min Jung Kang, Sofia Norman, Rodrigo Loureiro, Chiara Sorrentino

Assistants Reut Aviran & Rachel Rijsdijk