The Widest Place

Co-created in collaboration with the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava, Slovakia

Work in Progress Slovakia

The Widest Place proposes materialising nothingness & emptiness through the body as a way of finding meaning and true emotions. The work is an open invitation to performers and the audience to experience the vulnerable open state of being empty. Triggering unpredictable situations and witness to the unfolding emotional negotiation of the body in search for clarity out of chaos.

The Widest Place, Moves through abstract states with a poetic physical language that aims to slow down and simplifying the body as a way to amplify sensorial intention, working with the question, How do we move forward from here ? The cast of 15 dancers collectively imagine infinite possibilities of constructing individuality without separation.

Research Process 2022 Photo by Klara

Research Process 2022 Photos by Klara

Research process 2022 Photos by Klara

Research Process 2022 Photos by Klara

“Nothingness from where everything comes from, is not just a negation in any way. It just does not have any characteristics because it exists beyond our intellectual capacity. In reality this nothingness... is endlessly more real than any other experience"

Excerpt of the book by American philosopher Jacob Needleman
offered by one of the students during the creative process of The Widest Place .

Concept & Choreography Jean Abreu

Composer Oleh Saphudeiko (Heinali)

Lighting Designer Michaela Pavelkova

Costumes Natalia Horbalova & Zita Melova

Devised and Performed by The artsists of the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava